August 29 to September 3 in Cádiz, Spain
Sensual week 2022
An unforgettable week of Bachata Sensual — 7th edition

Bachata Sensual in Cádiz

After a break of two years, get ready for a fantastic week of Bachata Sensual in Cádiz!

You can apply by filling out the form and submitting a video (of yourself dancing a Bachata Sensual improvisation with a partner) from March 29 at 9PM CEST onwards, so be ready! We'll evaluate your application and offer you an option to sign up for the track we think is best suited for you to grow as a dancer. For more details about the application process, see the Facebook event page.

Health & safety

As the overall COVID-19 situation is still evolving, there might be unforeseen inbound travel restrictions or quarantaine measures, or local mandates requiring vaccination, self-testing, mask wearing, etc. Furthermore, should the circumstances take a turn for the worse, there is a chance this year's event will even be cancelled. Keep this into account when booking travel tickets and accommodation!

We also suggest participants to consider taking regular COVID-19 self-tests throughout the event in order to limit possible transmission. At present, mask wearing is no longer obligatory for indoor events in Spain, but if you prefer to wear one yourself, you are absolutely welcome to do so.

Top international artists

Judith and Korke
Judith & Korke
Bachata Sensual
Nahir and Kike
Nahir & Kike
Bachata Sensual
Raquel and Pablo
Raquel & Pablo
Bachata Sensual
Gloria and Truji
Gloria & Truji
Bachata Sensual
Laura and Berra
Laura & Berra
Bachata Sensual
María and Iván
María & Iván
Bachata Sensual
Ariella and Ouzin
Ariella & Ouzin
Show team
Pamela and Carlos
Pamela & Carlos
Bachata Sensual
Bachata Dominicana


This unique festival is brought to you by Korke, Judith, Yenny & Andreas.

Over the last couple of years, they have been carefully fine-tuning the festival's formula, so as to give all participants a quality dance event, unique in the world.

Workshops, beach, and parties!

Every track consists of 10 hours of workshops of Bachata Sensual in groups of up to 50 participants. There is also an optional show team track and a selection of 4-hour styling tracks.

The workshops will be in hotel Occidental Cádiz and Colegio Salesianos, only one block away from Cádiz's sun-soaked beaches.

Every night there will be a dedicated party with the best music in different venues around the city!

Workshop & bus schedule

The workshops will be in hotel Occidental Cádiz and Colegio Salesianos: in order to ensure a quality event, maximum 50 participants are allowed per track.

There will be bus transportation to and from the parties.

Note that the schedule may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.


Per main track*


  • 10 hours of targeted bachata sensual workshops (max. 50 people per track)
  • Welcome dinner
  • 6 nights of top parties
  • Transportation to and from the parties
  • Option to participate in the Show team track (free)
  • Option to purchase additional Styling track tickets
* Note that for all tracks, we are asking for a video that showcases your level of Bachata Sensual improvisation. We reserve the right to refuse admission.